Lobster in our regions is coveted by fishing vessels 8 to 12 meters and capture by fishing trap, trap that is placed near or against the rocks. These traps can be made of a metal structure of iron or a plastic frame.

Our local lobster are caught by vessels from 8 to 12 meter and capture by fishing trap which are placed near or against the rocks. Traps base are made of plastic or steel covered with a net. Their size could change depending on fishing habits. Gurnard or horse mackerel used as bait are delicately placed in the trap maintained by an elastic or inserted in to a small holding pocket. Minimum catching size needs to be 87mm (cephalothorax’s size).

Fishing pots : paimpolais pots, Carteret pots, parlour pots, conquetois pots.



Casier Paimpolaiscasiers à homardscasier carteret



We deal directly with fishermen to make a second product quality control. The lobster are placed into a “criée box” and cover with a cloth soaked in seawater and transported alive to our water tank. Our refrigerated truck is used to maintain or cool down the lobster to approach the temperature of our tanks to minimize the stress during the intrusion into their new environment. Goods are generally carried out in 10kg polystyrene boxes. Wood fiber soaked into seawater are disposed on top of the live lobster to keep the best humidity levels for shipping. Delanchy or STEF mainly provide transportation of our product in compliance with environmental and social standards.


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Local weather

Gouville sur mer
3 August 2021, 23 h 21 min
7 km/h
Température ressentie: 16°C
Pression : 1010 mb
Humidité : 67%
Vents : 7 km/h SSE
Rafales : 14 km/h
UV-Index: 0
Lever du soleil : 6 h 42 min
Coucher du soleil : 21 h 43 min
Prévisions 3 August 2021
Vents : 11 km/h O
Rafales : 29 km/h
max. UV-Index: 2
Vents : 14 km/h SE
Rafales : 40 km/h
max. UV-Index: 2

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