Navarre Selection : simply the best of blue lobster

Since June 2011 the Anglo-Norman lobster are certified ‘sustainable fisheries’ by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), the Anglo-Norman lobsters now wear a “band” of identification. Stamped with the blue MSC label, certifies that the lobster comes from a fishery which is respectful of natural resources and the environment, from the boat to the plate, sustainable traceability is now fully displayed.

selection homard navarre msc blue lobster

We continue this process by selecting lobsters ourselves. The Navarre selection offers a robust and very healthy lobster, with perennial tail beat, good defense reflexes and integrity antennas partially bruised but not worm.

It is also important that the females are not grainy to ensure optimum reproduction.



Local weather

Gouville sur mer
28 November 2020, 18 h 39 min
En partie clair
En partie clair
14 km/h
Température ressentie: 11°C
Pression : 1020 mb
Humidité : 80%
Vents : 14 km/h E
Rafales : 22 km/h
UV-Index: 0
Lever du soleil : 8 h 36 min
Coucher du soleil : 17 h 12 min
Prévisions 28 November 2020
Surtout nuageux
Surtout nuageux
Vents : 11 km/h ESE
Rafales : 25 km/h
max. UV-Index: 2
Surtout clair
Surtout clair
Vents : 11 km/h ENE
Rafales : 14 km/h
max. UV-Index: 2

Le Homard est un produit de LUXE, à consommer ... sans modération !