Navarre Oysters : La Gamén’

The History

« La Gamén’ », our cocktail oyster has been specially selected by the NAVARRE team. This premium oyster is made respecting all the Normand traditions and values.

La Gamén’” means small in “Patois Normand” language, and was chosen by the pioneering Normand oyster farmers

Terroir and Values

Gouville sur Mer is the biggest oyster bed in Normandy. With the biggest tides in Europe and at the end of the Gulf Stream, “ La Gamén’ ” develops in crystal clear waters, rich in phytoplankton and nutriments.

Oyster farming in Normandy has been around for over 50 years in this unique area. The NAVARRE team preserves this heritage with passion in order to develop and grow “La Gamén’”.

The Oyster Farming

The see oysters are born naturally in our beds in Charente Maritime. The seed oysters arrive in Normandy and the NAVARRE team manage their development with the utmost care to produce the perfect “La Gamén’”.

During the months in the sea, “La Gamén’” will gain strength, a taste and texture unique for an oyster so small.

“La Gamén’” recognized by Chefs

La Gamén’”, a burst and refined flavor recognized by some chef, which will not fail to surprise and delight you with its unique taste !!!

The NAVARRE Team can also offer all year round some Fines Oysters from Normandy…

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Local weather

Gouville sur mer
3 August 2021, 21 h 43 min
Surtout nuageux
Surtout nuageux
11 km/h
Température ressentie: 17°C
Pression : 1010 mb
Humidité : 61%
Vents : 11 km/h O
Rafales : 18 km/h
UV-Index: 0
Lever du soleil : 6 h 42 min
Coucher du soleil : 21 h 43 min
Prévisions 3 August 2021
Surtout nuageux
Surtout nuageux
Vents : 11 km/h O
Rafales : 29 km/h
max. UV-Index: 2
Vents : 18 km/h ESE
Rafales : 40 km/h
max. UV-Index: 2

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